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Art and Design

Art embodies some of the greatest forms of human creativity and has an emotional and intellectual impact.

It has the power to transform, illuminate, inspire and motivate and enables our children to express themselves in a multitude of ways.

It is a means for experimentation which in turn allows our children to develop their creativity, ability to make informed choices and undertake critical self-evaluation.

Through the study of Art and famous artists, our children are able to gain an appreciation of the diversity of global cultures and the significant role Art plays in our own community and different communities nation and worldwide. Art also provides our children with an insight into life across different periods of history and develops a greater understanding of the consequences human actions have had over time.

Primary Art helps our children to:

  • Express themselves creatively
  • Increase their knowledge of the world
  • Evaluate, question and examine


At Bilton Grange Primary School we believe that our children should have as many opportunities as possible to explore their learning across all subjects in a creative way and Art plays a key role in this. We want them to observe everything around them closely, question and feel able to take risks in their work and in so-doing, develop strategies for problem-solving. By the time they leave Primary School, we want them to know about different genres of art, notable artists through history, contemporary artists, and the artwork created by these artists.

Children need to have acquired skills which will enable them to produce their own artwork with confidence, but above all, to have embraced art both intellectually and emotionally, without inhibition.


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