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Eco Group


What does the Eco Group do?

The eco‐group is selected from pupils in Year 5 and 6. Meeting every two weeks, they raise awareness of the importance of the environment throughout school.  They undertake projects within school and the local community. They are often involved in making important decisions in school, offering their helpful advice and support.   

Some of the projects the Eco‐Group has recently been involved in include:

  • Planting trees for Harrogate Rotary Club in Harrogate.
  • Collecting used batteries for recycling.
  • Running a clothes collection service for the Fire Brigade.
  • Undertaking regular ‘eco walks’ around the school to ensure we are as environmentally sustainable as possible.

We are a recognised ‘Eco‐School’, having received a bronze award in 2013. Our children received a Local Hero Award as a ‘Green School’ finalist in 2012 for their fantastic work in throughout the school and the local community.