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School Meals



The Food

As our understanding of food evolves, as well as the tastes of those we serve, we aim to offer both a popular meal choice and an experience that helps children and young adults adventure in food. Science is providing new insights into the effects of nutrition on our health, as well as the food choices we make in our early years. By providing popular and relevant menus that are created using the best quality ingredients, as well as training and supporting staff, we can produce the same consistent high quality on every plate. This provides a positive platform from which children can grow and learn.

The Service

We believe in a positive experience every time, whether this is between the cook and the pupil, the school and the Dolce management or the parent and our Customer Care team.

We work hard to make every engagement a positive one and the experience of our company, from top to bottom, a positive one that keeps customers and clients coming back. Customer Care you could only expect from a family run company.

The Experience

We believe the dining experience extends beyond just food and good service. The way our customers receive their food, the time it takes and the innovations used to reduce this time, the way the staff, the food and the service area are presented and the environment they eat in is all an integral part of the experience. We aim to make a Dolce lunch time feel noticeably more special than other lunch time services and be the experience of choice for our customers.

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On offer to your children

A bespoke menu providing four meal choices including main meal, vegetarian, fresh pasta and a full range of salads from our salad bar. Our menus are exciting and comply with all government guidelines.

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