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A UK charity providing expert advice, practical support and campaigns for single parents.
General advice for parents.
Advice for parents on internet safety at home.
Advice for parents to support your child's education.
Go to the other services tab and then choose education use.
Wild maths is mathematics without bounds. Here, you are free to roam and develop as a mathematician. We invite you to embark on a mathematical adventure!

Helping your child with mathematics at home

Supporting your child's fluency at home
PDF document outlining mathematics at home.


EYFS Fluency at Home
EYFS Problem Solving at Home
EYFS Reasoning at Home

Year 1

Y1 Fluency
Y1 Problem Solving
Y1 Reasoning

Year 2

Y2 Fluency
Y2 Problem Solving
Y2 Reasoning

Year 3

Y3 Fluency
Y3 Problem Solving

Year 4

Y4 Fluency
Y4 Problem Solving
Y4 Reasoning

Year 5

Y5 Fluency
Y5 Problem Solving
Y5 Reasoning

Year 6

Y6 Fluency
Y6 Problem Solving
Y6 Reasoning

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